This is not just a story about light and about a company that breathes it, it is the story of how a friendship can build a common dream.

Once upon a time, back in 2007, there were an important company from Bologna, specialized in lighting, and two of its most valuable collaborators. The synergy between Davide, lighting designer with years of training behind him, and plurennial designer with heterogeneous experience in lighting for environments Leonardo, was immediate.

When Leonardo thinks how to illuminate a room in a new and original way, Davide creates the right object. When Davide design a new lamp, Leonardo always manages to make the most of his potential in the right project.

And so it was. As a living thing, from the sharing of objectives and from the desire to take “beyond” the possibilities of developing, experimenting, inventing, DaBù arises: from the initials of the surnames of two friends, who found a common dream and were not afraid to pursue it.

Davide Danesi

Born on 04/07/1960 in Ravenna. After obtaining his diploma as a mechanical expert, he works as a technician for several American multinational companies in the oil field. He changes scope after 15 years, working for a company specializing in television productions. However, his passion for the world of light accompanies him: so much so that, in 2007, he decides to pursue his dream and devotes himself to the design, planning and construction of lighting bodies, also collaborating with famous names in the sector. Casually, he starts a collaboration with Arredoluce, successfully proposing a line of lamps designed ad hoc for the current market needs. He does not miss the opportunity to finally transform his passion in his work. At the company, he meets Leonardo Buzzoni, starting a collaboration that gradually welds over time.

Leonardo Buzzoni

Born 01/09/1961 in Ferrara. At 14, he begins working at an electrical engineering company as a technician. Carrying on this profession for 15 years, he increases his knowledge through field experience and constant refresher courses. In 1990, he meets Arredoluce, Leader Company of active lighting. Here he begins, stays and enriches his experience as a lighting designer. He collaborates with the most famous national and international lighting brands, making himself known also with projects for world names in architecture and fashion.